Sunday, 21 Apr 2019
Foot Care

Beauty Tips for your Feet

Many of us do not take it important to care our feet forgetting the fact our feet suffer a lot of pressure daily while walking or standing long. As feet have fewer chances of visibility, they are the most neglected part of the body. It is the feet that say about the hygiene of a person and so it has to be cared in detail. Apart from bearing our weight for long, our feet are covered with tight shoes for a full day that makes it unable to breathe or is open to all the dust and germs in the atmosphere. The feet have a thicker skin than the skin in our hands and so gets dirtier over time if not taken care of properly.

Cracked foot is a common problem that rises over time due to not caring the feet for long. You have to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the feet and skin has to be provided with regular moisturizing to prevent the skin from drying and cracks getting formed on the heels which can start bleeding. You should moisturize your feet in the same way you do it on your face. A little wash or scrub should be given to your feet every time you take bath. This has to be made a regular habit. Taking care of your feet will be made easier by this.

Ill-fitting shoes or faulty style of walking can cause friction to the skin. When a particular point of foot’s sole is constantly pressurized, corns and calluses will be formed. Hardening of the skin may eventually cause pain. You can prevent foot problems with daily foot care like scrubbing with a pumice stone which will slough off the dead cells.

Here are some points that will help you to take care of your feet.

1. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone or use a foot scrub to keep corns and calluses at bay. It will also help in removing dead skin which eventually starts building up becoming hard and thick and causing pain while walking.

2. You have to moisturize your feet in the same way you take care of other parts of your body. Make sure to lather up your feet with some cream because the sole of the feet does not have any oil glands to keep it soft. Use a heavy duty moisturizer or petroleum jelly generously on your feet while going to bed at night if you have extremely dry feet and the skin is cracking up. Also, cover it up with cotton socks for better absorption.

3. A loose or tight pair of shoes can be harmful to your feet as it will not support your feet. So wear shoes that are the right fit to your feet. It is better to shop for new shoes late in the afternoon or evening. It is believed that our feet tend to swell during the day or late night. While trying out new shoes, make sure that your toes can wiggle but your heels don’t come out.

4. Maintain hygiene to prevent fungal infections on the feet. You should not leave your feet damp. Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes. Cut your toenails properly with a nail cutter.

5. Soak your legs in warm water in which sea salt is added if they are sore and aching. This will calm the nerves and soothe the nerves.

6. You can massage the sole with soft kneading hands to relax your feet. Gentle rotating movement and soft massages help relax your feet.

7. If your heels are paining, avoid high-heeled shoes as it can cause more stress.

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