Monday, 22 Apr 2019

Protect your Foot Massager

Motion is something you cannot live without. I am sure, nobody will be able to think of a day without motion. But how many of us take the time to pamper them rather than taking them for granted? Our feet is an organ of our body that works so hard every day, it will be very long if you count it in hours. A foot massage is something we can do for our feet. It will enhance the blood circulation through them and make our muscles relax and strain free. Going to the beauty salon or spa will cost you a good amount. Having a foot massager will save your money and you can use it to relax your fight whenever you want.

Your feet will get what it needs through a good foot massage. For durability and better functioning process, they require constant maintenance and care. Foot massagers are available in different types. While manual massages are perfect for some, some will need electric foot massagers. If you own an electric foot massager, it has to be taken care to work for a longer period of time.

Here are some tips that will help you to take care of your electric foot massager.

  1. Examine your device

It is recommended to know your massager well before you begin to use it. It is a good tip to protect your foot massager. All the parts of your foot massager have to be checked properly. If you unknowingly press any wrong key of the massager, it will lead the massager to malfunction. If your foot massager has pedals, make sure put your feet on it at the correct angle. Only one person should use the peddler’s massager at a time. It is better to have a detailed look at the manual of your foot massager.

  1. Choose the right speed

Some foot massagers involve kneading. You should be very careful about the rate at which you set the massagers. Beginners should keep it slow, usually 10-12 cycles per second. This can vary according to the type of foot massager you use. Use the massager on a flat floor to maintain the rate steady. Keep the positive scraping and anti-scratching points in the safe mode. You can activate and deactivate your mode according to your wish. Also, avoid going on the highest modes frequently.

  1. Clean it well

The foot massager has to be cleaned very well from time to time like any other home appliance. Remove the pads on which we keep our feet and scrub it well with the gentle laundry liquid. If the airbags in the pulsant airbag leg massagers are detachable, they too must be washed. Make sure that the water doesn’t get into built-in chips and sensors while cleaning it.

  1. Be slow with infrared and heat massagers

Both infrared and heat massagers are a little complex to work with as they combine heat, vibration, and magnetism to give the user a rounded feel. The device can get malfunctioning or even minor burns can occur by toggling it to higher limits.

  1. Wood rollers

This is the best many times because the pressure and strength that needs to be applied on foot are managed by the individual himself. Many people claim them to be the best massager because they are portable and cheap to use. Mostly, they do not require any such protection from the end user. The only thing you have to care while using them is that as wood is sensitive to water and termites, it must be kept away from them.


Not only the foot massager, everything you use has to be kept safe and clean. If you maintain your foot massager well, your feet will remain relaxed and healthier for longer.

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